Repealing death penalty will embolden criminals

February 14, 2011

The talk of possibly eliminating the death penalty in the state of Maryland shows that justice is simply a joke and once again the criminals will be emboldened to rape, maim and kill knowing they get to spend the rest of their lives not having to worry about being executed for the horrors of the crimes they committed ("Death penalty moratorium leaves survivors, convicts in limbo," Feb. 13). Families of victims will get no closure as well as no justice knowing this sad fact.

A life snuffed out and taxpayers having to foot the bill for the criminals who may live 20 to 60 years in prison is simply too much to bear! The death penalty serves a purpose and must be saved and applied in order to serve justice and maintain the order of law. The laws must be changed limit appeals and bring back rapid executions in order to save the state millions of dollars.

Criminals who kill deserve no mercy. The victims cannot not speak for themselves, and Maryland will cower under the covers making sure that Lady Justice keeps her blindfold on.

I urge the state of Maryland to fight for the victims and not for the criminals; end legal aid to the criminals; end the moratorium on executions; allow prosecutors to speed up trails and limit what can and can't be used in the courts; and make Maryland the State that's the most feared in the land.

If this can't be done then our legislature should be ashamed of itself for not protecting the victims and giving families the needed closure to move on with their lives! But if Maryland decides to follow the path to hide under the covers and maintain the moratorium, and later eliminating the death penalty, it simply embolden every criminal knowing that life in jail at state expense is way to go!

Ken J. Bower, Edgewood

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