No, no, BGE, thank you

February 11, 2011

In response to BGE's President/Chief Executive Kenneth DeFontes letter to customers ("BGE President: Thanks for your patience during storm," Feb 6), I found his initiative to express his gratitude rather cherishable.

Obviously, it is we who should be the most grateful, when it seems to me that BGE responded with tireless action to restore service to a near record 236,000 customers.

Indeed, it is BGE and the heroic work force of dedicated employees and contractors who deserve the gratitude as they were out there, round the clock, dealing with frigid weather conditions and hazardous roads — not to mention sometimes over 7,000 volts of downed wire challenges.

I want to take this time, much like Mr. DeFontes, to say to the BGE and Employees, thank you.

Jaye Dansicker, Sparks

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