Le'Ron McClain again says he wants to remain with Ravens

February 10, 2011|By Matt Vensel

Since declaring at the end of the season that his time in Baltimore was likely up, free-agent fullback Le'Ron McClain has changed his tune. Ravens fans on Twitter have seen a steady stream of Tweets from McClain, who has been letting the world know in 140 characters or fewer that he wants to remain with the Ravens.

On Wednesday morning, McClain Tweeted out an video of him sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle and talking into his cell phone about meeting with his agent (that had to be uncomfortable for his buddy behind the wheel).

"I’m heading to [Atlanta] to meet with my agent, talk contract talk, man," McClain said in the video, which was posted on the team's website. “Just getting prepared for this offseason, man. Getting pretty much amped up, you know, for this little period I’m about to go through.”

McClain, a two-time Pro Bowler, should have plenty of suitors on the free-agent market. He is one of the premier blocking fullbacks in the NFL, and he isn't too shabby as a feature back. In 2008, he rushed for 902 yards and 10 touchdowns as the Ravens went to the AFC championship game.

Since that surprising season, McClain has felt that he deserves more carries, something he and I discussed in a profile of McClain I wrote back in November. He brought it up again while cleaning out his locker last month, saying he doubted that he would return to Baltimore.

Now it seems he might be rethinking that one.

"Shout-out to everybody in Baltimore, man. Baltimore Ravens. The whole black and purple nation, man. Ravens all the way, man," McClain said in the video, which I've embedded below. "Hopefully I’ll be back with y’all next year, doing my thing, running people over, punishing people like I do every Sunday. So I’m looking forward to that, man."

McClain put up another video Thursday morning after meeting with his agent, but he only talked about God and the Sweater Gang. Still, it was more interesting than when I was forced to watch "Eat Pray Love."

Despite his Tweets about remaining in Baltimore, I believe the Ravens will have to guarantee McClain more carries for him to stick around. Some of those carries will come at the expense of Willis McGahee, who is one of the highest-paid backup running backs in the NFL.

So who should stay: McClain or McGahee? Vote in the poll on the left and/or leave a comment below.

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