What kind of children torture animals for entertainment?

February 09, 2011

Thank you for your extensive coverage of recent animal cruelty cases in Baltimore — I hope it raises awareness of the problem and convinces those with the power to do so to make sure more animals do not suffer at the hands of these barbarians.

I am 91 years old, a life-long Baltimore resident, and I am sickened and heartbroken to think that anyone — especially children — would treat an animal the way Phoenix, Mittens, Rainbow and so many others have been tortured, maimed or killed. What kind of children are we raising who see animal abuse as entertainment? What kind of adults will they become? Where are their parents and why are they not instilling in their children a greater sense of honor and decency?

I am deeply disappointed in the police, prosecutors and judges who fail these animals all over again when they fail to adequately investigate the crimes or punish the abusers. I sincerely hope the state's attorney retries the Phoenix case — it is the moral obligation of a decent society. Most of us have cats and dogs and consider them beloved members of our family. They are always there for us, and now our leaders need to step up and be there for them. We owe this much to those who cannot speak for themselves.

H. Virginia Hill, Catonsville

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