A quick comment on the new blog's commenting system

February 08, 2011|By Matt Vensel

One of my favorite things about running the old-school Virtual Vensanity blog -- moment of silence please -- was my interaction with the readers, especially the regulars. You guys kept the conversation going, sent me random links and videos and helped me pull off my goofy contests, and I thank you for that. Hopefully you haven't forgotten about me over the past four days.

Anyway, as we bust out our new blog platform here at The Baltimore Sun (starting with this blog and eventually carrying over to the rest of the bunch), there will be some potentially frustrating changes at first. Perhaps the biggest is the new commenting system because you will need to register with baltimoresun.com and log in before you can post a comment.

The good news is that the registration process isn't too painful, and don't worry, I'm not going to personally show up at your home address with junk mail if you sign up. Well, unless you want me to, that is. Click here for more information about how to comment or you can shoot me an email at Matt.Vensel@baltsun.com and I'll make sure you get set up to comment.

And once you're registered, feel free to comment here and let everyone know how easy it was.

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