How did Hale get a gun permit in Md.? Because he's rich and connected

February 07, 2011

The apprehension of Edwin Hale carrying a gun past security at the airport points out the bankruptcy of Maryland's gun laws ("First Mariner Bank CEO detained after carrying loaded handgun through airport security," Feb. 4). When a person in Maryland, by some miracle, usually because he either owns a cash business or he is rich and has political clout like Mr. Hale, gets a concealed carry permit, he is not required to take even five minutes of gun training. The state makes a big deal of restricting gun carry permits, and then when they do give one out, they require no training. The state police are a bunch of hypocrites.

Your article quotes the state police as saying that a carry permit is justified when "necessary as a reasonable precaution against apprehended danger." This is horse manure. They regularly deny permits to women who have been raped or are being stalked. But if you have a lot of money like Mr. Hale, they just turn the permit over. This arbitrary system has to change.

Virginia issues carry permits to any citizen who can prove they have training with firearms enough to be safe; so do Delaware and Pennsylvania. Only Maryland doesn't trust their citizens, even women in dire danger needing protection (which the state police do not provide, of course). Unless of course you are rich and influential like Mr. Hale. Then its a different story.

Avraham Sonenthal, Baltimore

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