Rodricks sees the light on gambling

February 07, 2011

Dan Rodricks has finally figured out the tremendous amount of money that can be made if states took advantage of sports betting and legalized gambling ("States miss out on Super Bowl wagering," Feb. 6). He says these funds would alleviate states' budget deficits and give taxpayers a break. that's what the majority of Marylanders have said for the last 9 years regarding legalized casinos and slots. Wasn't it Mr. Rodricks who wrote about all the "criminal activity" of casinos and that slots would take advantage of minorities and people least able to lose their mortgage money?

His columns were, of course, supported by Martin O' Malley who was against slots before he was for them, now that the money has begun to flow into his state treasury.

Unlike these two gentleman, I have visited the casinos and racinos in this four-state area for years, and there is no "criminal element" there. The overwhelming profile of gamblers in these establishments is the 60-80-year-old Caucasian retiree who has discretionary money to gamble and lose; I know because I'm one of them.

Mr. Rodricks and Governor O'Malley and the dim bulbs in Annapolis have supported "legalized gambling" in Maryland for years. It's called the Maryland State Lottery — which, by the way, replaced the illegal numbers game that was making a lot of money in the streets of Baltimore for years without funds going to the state treasury. The Maryland State Lottery comes up with a new game every two weeks, and they are the ones who have been taking the mortgage money from those least able to gamble and lose. What a bunch of hypocrites!

J. Rogers, Baltimore

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