Baltimore Sun staff: Super Bowl picks and predictions

February 06, 2011

Who our panel of experts sees winning today's Super Bowl:

Kevin Cowherd (2-0 in championship round, 172-94 overall): Steelers 24, Packers 20: Pittsburgh always finds a way to win big games. For Ravens fans, it'll be uglier than Ben Roethlisberger singing "Piano Man" at a karaoke bar.

Ken Murray (2-0 in championship round, 171-95): Steelers 28, Packers 27: Even if Green Bay's pass rush gets to Roethlisberger, the Steelers' defense will keep it close until Ben can finally deliver the big play.

Mike Preston (2-0 in championship round, 170-96 overall): Steelers 20, Packers 17: The Steelers are too physical for Green Bay. Pittsburgh just beats on you and beats on you.

WJZ's Mark Viviano (1-1 in championship round, 168-98 overall): Steelers 23, Packers 16: Steeler defense slows down the Aaron Rodgers express. The game turns on turnovers.

Peter Schmuck (1-1 in championship round, 159-107 overall): Packers 27, Steelers 20: Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are building to a crescendo in Dallas. The Steelers won't be able to keep up.

Edward Lee (1-1 in championship round, 158-108 overall): Steelers 24, Packers 17: The Steelers are just too strong defensively for a one-dimensional Packers offense, and the Packers are unfamiliar with trying to contain a quarterback as big and as elusive as Ben Roethlisberger.

Jamison Hensley (2-0 in championship round, 152-114 overall): Packers 27, Steelers 16: Green Bay will do what the Ravens could not. The Packers will spread out the Steelers and capitalize on the fact that they have more quality receivers than Pittsburgh has cornerbacks. In the season when Brett Favre leaves, it's fitting that Aaron Rodgers elevates himself among the current group of elite quarterbacks.

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