Watchdog: Some issues need more time, or warmer weather

Water leak at bus stop fixed, but bike lane, library work unfinished

February 05, 2011|By Liz F. Kay, The Baltimore Sun

This week, Watchdog brings you an update on some previously unresolved problems. Usually, these issues are quickly addressed. Others need the weather to cooperate.

Update: A water leak on Belair Road in Northeast Baltimore has been fixed.

Complaints by Eugene Byrne and others who witnessed the slow leak from a valve on the road at Woodlea Avenue have been answered. Several readers had reported that the water was causing several inches of ice to accumulate at the bus stop on below-freezing days.

Public works spokesman Kurt Kocher reported early last week that the leak had been repaired.

Byrne drove by the intersection Thursday and confirmed that the work was done.

"I didn't see any water trickling around that bus stop area," he said.

Update: A bike lane in the Frankford neighborhood has not been re-striped.

Lee Brown contacted Watchdog in early December because drivers didn't know whether they could cross the solid white lines of a newly installed bike lane to make right turns from Frankford Avenue onto Moravia Park Drive. Some made turns from the center lane as a result.

Transportation officials said drivers could enter the bike lane to make a right turn after yielding to cyclists. However, they intended to replace that solid line with a dashed one within 30 days, since it was causing confusion.

That hasn't happened yet, Brown said.

"Despite your involvement, it has not been handled," he said. And he still sees some motorists turning right from the center lane.

However, "at least there is an understanding on my part as to what they're claiming is acceptable," Brown said.

Adrienne Barnes, spokeswoman for the city transportation department, apologized for giving a time frame that was too short for the project.

"It is going to happen," she said. "It's just that we're in the depths of winter and we have to do this work at a certain temperature."

The work order will have to wait a little while, but not until spring, she added.

"We do have it on our radar, and we have not abandoned it," Barnes said.

Update: The Reisterstown Road branch of the Enoch Pratt Free Library should open this year.

In 2009, Watchdog followed up with city library officials after a reader asked when the branch, which closed for renovations in 2008, would open. Back then, spokesman Roswell Encina said the estimate was spring 2010. But that season has come and gone.

Now, Encina says construction delays have pushed back the opening to spring 2011. Until then, the area is still served by a bookmobile in the Reisterstown Road Plaza parking lot on Thursdays and Fridays.

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