Fight at game could lead to disciplinary measures

No decision on resuming Edmondson-City College match

February 05, 2011|By Jean Marbella, The Baltimore Sun

Baltimore public schools officials are continuing to investigate a fight that broke out in the stands of a City College basketball game Friday night and are threatening to discipline those found to have been involved in the brawl.

"It is unfortunate that a few people chose to conduct themselves in an unsportsmanlike manner and disrupt this student event," Jonathan Brice, executive director of Student Support and Safety for Baltimore City Public Schools, said in a statement. "Their actions could have resulted in serious injury but thankfully this was not the case.

"Appropriate consequences will be given to any students found to have been involved in this incident," he said. "Any adults who can be identified will be prohibited from attending future interscholastic sports events."

With less than six minutes left to play in the game against cross-town rival Edmondson, spectators began fighting in one section of the bleachers, prompting police to charge across the court and spray mace to control the crowd.

The game was suspended indefinitely with City ahead 48-34. Schools spokeswoman Edie House-Foster said Saturday that officials will discuss early next week whether to finish the game and, if so, when.

"It is still under investigation," she said, declining to give further details about the incident. "Police are still reviewing all the information."

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