Republicans should stop wasting time on health care

February 05, 2011

Republicans in Congress are wasting time and energy in dismantling President Obama's accomplishments of the past two years. Instead of getting their hollow heads together and draft a plan to create more jobs, they are just trying to destroy what is already done. That's called "self-annihilation." We, the American people, are watching.

I'm a senior citizen. As such, I completely oppose the Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. The act provides seniors with the freedom to get the care we need, including preventive care, lower cost prescription drugs, and Medicare that we can count on. The act frees Americans from the fear of insurance companies raising premiums by double digits with no recourse or accountability.

But Republicans in Congress want to unravel the law that holds insurance companies in check, allowing insurance companies to once again deny coverage to children with pre-existing conditions, cancel coverage when people get sick, and limit the amount of care you can get — even if you need it.

And, by rolling back the Affordable Care Act, Republicans are adding a trillion dollars to the deficit.

Give Republicans more rope, I'm sure they will hang themselves.

Minerva Rivera, Crofton

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