Nothing better than a pitcher of Boh and a pile of crabs

February 05, 2011

It will be nice to have Natty Boh on tap ("Natty Boh: a taste for nostalgia," Feb. 3). As I recall, there was nothing better than a cold pitcher Boh from the tap while sitting in a local crab house picking out that Maryland summer delicacy, a table covered with hot steamed No. 1s or No. 2s.

And who knows, maybe some one of a new generation will ask the age old question: "What happened to Mr. Boh's other eye?" And we, of the older generation of "Bawlamorons" will be able to answer: "Why, don'cha' know, Hon. Gunther's got it."

Looking forward to many cold ones from the tap,

Brooks Riley, Parkville

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