Who will win Super Bowl — Steelers or Packers?

February 04, 2011

Pittsburgh will prevail

Kevin Van Valkenburg

Baltimore Sun

Are you ready to live in a world where the Steelers have seven Super Bowl trophies? Where Ben Roethlisberger is considered Tom Brady's equal? Because that's where we'll be Sunday night.

I'm not sure I'm ready.

But I'd better get ready, because I'm convinced it's going to happen.

This Steelers seem to be the perfect blend of style and grit. Their quarterback, whatever personal misgivings I may have about him, is a winner on the field. Their defense is littered with playmakers. Their coach is man of principle and discipline. The organization is arguably the best in football

The Packers will put up a fight, with Aaron Rodgers swashbuckling to the end, but ultimately the Steelers walk away with another trophy and win 24-17.


Steelers in a squeaker

Sam Farmer

Los Angeles Times

More than in any Super Bowl in recent years, the Steelers and Packers are remarkably evenly matched.

They both have explosive offenses and dominant defenses, and each has a quarterback who is among the five best in the league. Fittingly, I see the game being very close and hinging on one or two plays, or maybe a turnover.

I have to give the Steelers the edge based on their Super Bowl experience.

Whereas Aaron Rodgers picked up his first postseason victory this year, Ben Roethlisberger already has two rings. As long as Roethlisberger doesn't hang on to the ball too long, and he avoids the big interception, I see the Steelers winning 28-24.


Rodgers leads Pack

Steve Svekis

Sun Sentinel

Aaron Rodgers will continue his torrid ascendancy to the top of the NFL's quarterback class with a Joe Montana-like mix of precision passing and smart runs in key spots.

The Packers have averaged 30 points a game in the playoffs, but their defense has been just as impressive, forcing 16 turnovers and registering 17 sacks in the last five games. As if things weren't difficult enough for the Steelers and their injury-riddled offensive line, fine rookie center Maurkice Pouncey is extremely doubtful to play. At some point that has to catch up with a team.

If anything, the indoor setting should only help the Packers, with their speed and depth among their wide receivers and in the pass rush. If James Harrison scores another Super Bowl touchdown, however, all bets are off.

Packers 34, Steelers 17.


Green Bay will roll

David Haugh

Chicago Tribune

They lose running backs, linebackers and linemen, and the Packers just win.

They won the NFC despite putting 15 players on injured reserve this season — yet the Packers will arrive with a health advantage.

The Steelers are likely without center Maurkice Pouncey and ailing across the offensive line, creating mismatches that will make Dom Capers' defense harder to block. Ben Roethlisberger will struggle and Aaron Rodgers will enjoy his Steve Young moment.

The Packers have won four straight knowing a loss would have ended their season. And they will win a fifth because playing with that sense of urgency made the Packers the best team in football. Packers 27, Steelers 23.


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