Welcome back, Mr. Boh

February 04, 2011

I enjoyed your "Boh on tap: a taste for nostalgia" article in Thursday's paper and would like to add a little information from my own experience.

I worked as a sales rep for the local wholesaler that sold National Bohemian after the brand was acquired by out-of-towners. My best bar account was the Mount Royal Tavern, which had two draft spigots with National Premium and National Premium Dark on tap. When the "out-of-towners" decided to eliminate Natty Premium, Mr. Boh stepped in and was the No. 1 draft in house. The bar expanded their draft selections, but Boh was still king.

As time went by, the current owners of the brand, Pabst (after ownerships by G. Heileman and Strohs), decided that Mr. Boh in kegs was doomed. When I spread the news to Chris and Ron, owners of Mount Royal Tavern, and John, the manager, they made it clear that the last keg of Boh should be delivered there. When my company had 25 kegs of Boh left, all were delivered to the tavern. Were they the last place in Baltimore to pour a pint? Who knows? Welcome back Mr. Boh on draft!

Eric Kinling

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