Juvenile delinquents have more rights than their victims

February 04, 2011

Our home of over 40 years in Rosedale was burglarized January 12th, including the theft of two cars. The same group burglarized a home in the Hamiltowne section on January 13th, including the theft of a car. The culprits were apprehended, and all three cars were recovered on January 14th after diligent efforts by the White Marsh precinct. Even though articles that were obviously taken from each home were recovered in the cars, the juveniles were released to the custody of their parents that night. Why?

They have their rights. It's the law!

I wanted to get a copy of the police report. Since it involves juveniles, I have to get a judge's order to allow me to get a copy. Why? They have their rights. It's the law!

We were told that we couldn't be given the culprits names because they are juveniles. Why? They have their rights. It's the law!

I searched the web and found a site listing recent police reports. There were over 50 in the Rosedale area in the last 30 days. The police arrest them, and the juvenile division lets them go. Why? They have their rights. It's the law!

It's about time to change the law to give the victims at least as many rights as the incorrigibles.

Art Hamm, Rosedale

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