Voting to change marriage is like voting against gravity

February 03, 2011

Thank you for publishing Peter Sprigg's "Same-sex marriage is contrary to the public interest" (Feb. 2). I am shocked at the state legislature's egoism in feeling that they are so all-wise and powerful that they can force gay marriage on Marylanders. Voting against traditional marriage is like voting against the law of gravity — you can vote against it, but that does not change the true institution of marriage, a union between one man and one woman.

Of course, we want kindness and respect for all people, but tolerance does not mean that anyone who wants to marry should be able to marry. Whether or not a marriage produces children, whether or not every child is born into the "ideal" family, I think the majority of Marylanders agree that children have the right to come into the world knowing that they have a mother and a father and that their family is protected by the institution of traditional marriage. Solid marriages and families are the foundation of successful societies. Let Marylanders decide this issue, not the state!

Camey Hadlock, Phoenix

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