Younger Busch gets a little help

Kurt gives Kyle an early 'gift' on his wedding day

February 02, 2011

Big brothers always like to pick on little brothers. Just ask the Busch boys, participants in some brotherly hijinks during Kyle's marriage ceremony Dec. 31.

Set in Chicago's Holy Name Cathedral, Kyle and fiancee Samantha Sarcinella were in a blissful moment as Kyle kneeled in front of the priest for the first time.

That's when the chuckles started in the pews, filled with 300 or so family and friends.

Older brother Kurt had written "HELP ME" on the bottom of one of Kyle's shoes.

"Kurt's sitting in the audience just busting up laughing," Kyle said. "And a couple of my guy friends were just looking at him like, 'What are you doing?'

"I hadn't even looked. Who looks at the bottom of their shoes on their wedding day?

"I'll give this advice to anybody else who ever gets married: Look at the bottom of your shoes before you put 'em on, because somebody's going to screw with you!"

Fortunately, it all turned out well.

Ford aims high: Trash-talkin' in NASCAR is nothing new. But it was amusing to hear the fightin' words coming from Ford. Edsel B. Ford II, on the board of directors of Ford Motor Company, is calling out the NASCAR Nation.

"Make no mistake, our goal for this year is not to just win races," he said in Charlotte last week. "The goal, simply, is to win the championship. We have the right teams, the right drivers, the right engine and the right car to do it. More importantly, we have the will to win. So do not underestimate our resolve."

We'll ignore the fact that his name is associated with one of the biggest clunkers in automobile history.

Hamlin plays Santa: Denny Hamlin didn't let his disappointing run in Homestead dampen his holiday season. His spirit of giving was reflected on his Twitter page, where he gave away a vacation to one of his fans.

"She decided she wanted to go to the Brickyard, which is great that she could go anywhere and she decided she wanted to go to a NASCAR race," Hamlin said. "I just have moments where I look around and think about how fortunate I am and want to give back."

— George Diaz

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