Why won't Mike Miller stand up for his beliefs on gay marriage?

February 02, 2011

Katharine W. Rylaarsdam wrongly argues that Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller's stance on gay marriage isn't protected free speech ("Miller's stance on gay marriage isn't protected free speech," Jan. 31). The First Amendment was written into the Constitution to insure the United States didn't establish a state religion, as was the case in England. Mr. Miller has the right to state his position on gay marriage.

What I can't understand is how someone who has this view wouldn't use all the power of his position to support it. A big part of the problem with the United States today is a lot of people are trying to do away with God. This country was a much better place when it respected God. The United States has tried to slowly do away with God. The result the United States has slowly slipped from the world power it was. Say what you want, but you know its true.

Tim Weber, Baltimore

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