Howard Magazine editor: How perseverance led me to you

February 01, 2011

On a recent Saturday afternoon, I found myself cutting up a dictionary. As a writer, it felt just plain wrong, like a violation of some wordsmith’s oath. But I was at a retreat at the Bon Secours Spiritual Center, and the hacking of the Webster’s tome was for the sake of art.

Besides, this particular dictionary already had been sufficiently snipped through. We were collaging, based on our personal interpretations of happiness. I am by no means an artist, and all of the obvious spiritual words were already conspicuously absent — peace, love, family, hope, faith, prayer.

But my quest for “peace” and “prayer” left me rifling through the P’s, where I happened upon “perseverance” and paused. That would do just fine.

In fact, it was more than fine. It suited the theme of my collage perfectly. The day before the retreat, I’d landed this very job. So not only was I happy about it, but it also left me reflecting on the journey that led me here.

Little-known fact: The first time I applied for an opening on this magazine’s staff, I didn’t get it. What I did get turned out to be a much better job for me at the time, writing for the Howard County Times. Even though I grew up here, the newspaper helped me learn so much more about what makes Howard County tick — its history, its people, its goals.

But I never forgot about the magazine, and I wrote for it from time to time.

So with a little perseverance, I couldn’t be happier about becoming the editor of Howard Magazine. I look forward to telling your stories. Please don’t hesitate to give me a call or drop me a line with your ideas.

In this issue, you’ll find we focus on the people and organizations whose goal it is to make people healthier and, ultimately, happier — be it physically, spiritually or professionally. On page 53, you will find profiles of four practitioners who take decidedly alternative, holistic approaches to wellness, while the story on page 32 focuses on two new programs at Tai Sophia Institute that can be applied to your workplace. And you can read more about the wide variety of spiritual retreats at Bon Secours, including the Art of Happiness, on page 36.

Jennifer Broadwater

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