The Second Amendment has been abused

January 18, 2011

OK, so we have another gun killing, another mass murder. But so what? Guns don't kill. Now, we're focusing on mental health (which is a very real problem in our society) and on who failed to spot the signs and symptoms of this coming carnage — while guns get another free pass.

Our Second Amendment was written 220 years ago when a well regulated militia was necessary to create citizen soldiers to grab their guns and run out the door to protect against the coming redcoats. But the redcoats are no longer here, and we now have a paid and standing army to come to our defense. Our Second Amendment has been used and abused by those who make and sell arms that put assault rifles, pistols and guns of all shapes and sizes that now account for about 10,000 firearm murders a year in the hands of our citizens.

But remember, guns don't kill only people do. Maybe we should be examining the mental health of a country that is so bent on killing and looking the other way.

John Hutchinson, Parkton

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