Fritz in 4 Corners: Has your mind changed on Tebow?

December 29, 2010

Signs of a winner

Dan Pompei

Chicago Tribune

It's way too early to say Tim Tebow will have the kind of success in the pros that he had in college.

But there are encouraging signs that would suggest he won't be an NFL bust.

Tebow's athleticism translates to the NFL. In an evolving game, a creative coach can find a way to take advantage of Tebow's unusual skill set.

And Tebow looks like he should be able to adapt to the NFL passing game, given what he did Sunday against the Texans.

Sure, the release still is troublesome and the fundamentals don't look the way they are supposed to.

But Tebow found a way to win Sunday, and that's what he has done best his entire career. There is something to be said for that.

Hard work pays off

Ron Fritz

Baltimore Sun

No, I always thought Tim Tebow could play quarterback in the NFL. I didn't think he was worth a first-round pick and I certainly didn't see him contributing this year.

But even before he was a star quarterback, he was a hard worker. At Florida he was a winner and a leader. After four years of playing top-level college football and playing it well, I didn't think he'd fall on his face in the NFL.

With his work ethic and physical skills, Tebow should contribute a long time in the NFL. He might not become a superstar — he doesn't have the best throwing motion and he has other flaws — but he makes things happen. That he's playing as a rookie is just a bonus.

Will the next Broncos coach give him a chance? That's all Tebow has asked for.

Let's see it vs. good 'D'

Sam Farmer

Los Angeles Times

There's no question Tim Tebow was exciting to watch in an impressive second half against the Texans, and he has earned the chance to be the Broncos' starting quarterback next season. It may be ugly sometimes, but the guy has shown an ability to will his teams to a win.

But does that mean he has proved his critics wrong? That he'll realize the kind of success in the NFL that he had in college? No.

He had two good quarters against the worst pass defense in the league and a team that repeatedly has collapsed down the stretch. No one's saying Tebow doesn't have a winning attitude or charisma. But he needs to show he can consistently make the precise throws he needs to make — against good defenses too — to prove he was worthy of a first-round pick.

Too early to say

Joseph Schwerdt

Sun Sentinel

If Tim Tebow makes it as an NFL quarterback, it will be because he employed this basic formula for success: Recognize your shortcomings, maintain a positive outlook, work like a dog to improve.

Tebow has done that. The results: eight touchdowns (five rushing), one interception, a 100.7 passer rating, a two-touchdown, fourth-quarter rally Sunday for a win and the starting job in Denver — for now.

The remaining questions are whether Tebow will continue to improve and how he will respond after a serious arm or leg injury, a likelihood in the chew-'em-up-spit-'em-out NFL. Given his work ethic, don't bet against him. It's way too early for the Tebow boosters to say "I told you so." But the Tebow detractors have to be impressed by his performance so far.

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