A rare voice of reason on the lame duck Congress

December 28, 2010

Boy, what a pleasant surprise when I picked my Baltimore Sun on Sunday morning and read Ross Mackenzie's op-ed, "To congressional Democrats: Merry Christmas and thanks for nothing" (Dec. 26). I agree with virtually every word Mr. Mackenzie wrote in his letter to the Pelosi/Reid Congress. I would like to add my Maryland's Sen. Barbara Mikulski, Sen. Benjamin Cardin and Rep. Elijah Cummings to his list to let them know that I do not agree with or appreciate with their wrong spirited actions in a lame duck Congress.

As Mr. Mackenzie's article outlined, our lame duckers representatives did their upmost to make long-term legislative mischief and perhaps irremediably to undermine our national security. They rushed through legislation that should have been worked on and voted on by the new Congress in January 2011. Had they done this type of legislation before the November election, many more would have been voted out of office.

The lame duck session should have voted to extend the Bush tax rates and passed a continuing spending resolution to prevent a government shutdown and gone home for Christmas.

Baltimore Sun, thank you so much for Mr. Mackenzie's article.

Bill Kelly, Ellicott City

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