O'Malley's health care analogy holds up

December 27, 2010

In a letter to the editor on Dec. 24, Jay Ryerson faults Gov. Martin O'Malley's position that if mandatory car insurance is constitutional, so also should be mandatory health insurance ("O'Malley's false logic on Obamacare". Mr. Ryerson's point is that this is false logic, since "you can opt not to drive."

Yes, to drive or not to drive is a decision you make because there are other options of getting to your destination, e.g. by bus or train. But is getting sick a decision you make? Can you "opt out" of being sick because you have options for getting to your healthy destination?

So, Governor O'Malley is comparing the population of those who desire to drive and, hence, must obtain mandatory auto insurance, to the population of those who desire to be healthy, and so must have health insurance. I don't think that comparison amounts to false logic.

Joe Apanisile

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