Wiz Khalifa brings his "Waken Baken" tour to Baltimore

Pittsburgh rapper performs two sold out shows at Rams Head Live

  • Wiz Khalifa performs Monday Dec. 27 at Rams Head Live.
Wiz Khalifa performs Monday Dec. 27 at Rams Head Live. (Sean Berry, Handout photo )
December 23, 2010|By Erik Maza, The Baltimore Sun

Most stars would deal with a drug bust by apologizing, fleeing to rehab, or appearing before Oprah for some major PR repair.

Wiz Khalifa bragged about his.

"When u get this high, sometimes tha veggies get low so be smart about finding refills," he wrote earlier this month.

But it hasn't hurt his career. Soon after his arrest for pot possession in November, he sold out two shows at Rams Head Live. He will perform there Monday and Tuesday.

Just four years ago, Khalifa was just another little-known Pittsburgh rapper peddling one of his mix tapes.

But in his senior year of high school, he was already getting coverage in the major hip hop magazines for his first mix tape, "Prince of the City."

Over the past year he's been riding the commercial success of his album, "Deal or No Deal," and the mix tape "Kush and Orange Juice," which was offered as a free online download.

Rolling Stone magazine called him the year's breakthrough MC, he was featured on tracks by major artists, like Rick Ross' "Super High" and he even embarked on a tour.

But then on November 7 he was busted for pot possession and trafficking.

The news was a shocker to absolutely no one who had even passing knowledge of one of his mix tapes. His tour is called the Waken Baken Tour.

And the day of his arrest, he had tweeted: "Smoke outs greenville, nc tonight. Fall thru wit ur finest plant life [sic]."

But instead of sidelining him, as it would have other people, the arrest only emboldened his fans.

Rams Head Live had originally scheduled one show for Khalifa. But within a week of going on sale October 27, that show had sold out. So they decided on a second show. And, again, it sold out within a week of going on sale November 30.

Wiz Khalifa will perform two sold-out shows Monday and Tuesday at Rams Head Live, 20 Market Place. Doors open at 7 p.m.



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