DNR police are out of control

December 20, 2010

Thank you for your story today about the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and their inaction and subsequent fines against the two men who rescued a deer in the Patapsco River ("Rescuers fined after freeing deer from Patapsco ice," Dec. 18). The story made me wonder about the culture in this agency.

I had one experience with them, aside from them chasing all the fish away to check fishing licenses in the bay. When my son was about 12, I gave him a new spinning rod for Christmas and bought one for myself (it was new technology at the time — a push button atop of a conventional-looking reel). I put light weights (no hooks or bait) on the end of our fishing lines and we went up to the local community pond to see how they worked.

A DNR pick-up arrived a few minutes after we did. The officer ran the tags on my pick-up to see if it was stolen, gave us a lecture about fishing out of season, and then fined me $70. I mentioned twice we weren't fishing, but it was like talking to a table. I was amazed to see this character was armed.

If we're going to have gun control we could start by disarming the idiots. In your story, they appeared useless and capricious, and probably dishonest. I seriously doubt they warned these two men not to try and rescue a deer because they didn't have life preservers in their inflatable. They probably put that in their report to justify their ridiculous fines. In a perfect world, when the rescuers go to court they will have a judge that has seen the DNR in action.

Bob Miller, Westminster

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