Mike Preston's matchups: Ravens vs. Saints

December 17, 2010

Ravens S Ed Reed vs. Saints QB Drew Brees: Brees is excellent at looking off safeties, and rarely makes bad throws. It's hard to bait Brees, which Reed is excellent at doing to most quarterbacks. Reed studies a lot of film, and he is good at recognition of plays and formations. Reed played at poor game against the Houston Texans last Monday night, so he'll be more determined and disciplined Sunday. Reed has been slowed by injuries this season. Edge: Saints.

Ravens CBs Josh Wilson and Chris Carr vs. Saints WR Marques Colston: Carr has quietly been the Ravens' best player in the secondary this season, and Wilson turned in a strong effort against Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson, one of the most physical receivers in the NFL. Carr and Wilson won't get a break Sunday. Colston is 6-4 and 225 pounds. He has 76 catches for 921 yards and seven touchdowns this season. Edge: Saints.

Ravens C Matt Birk vs. Saints MLB Jonathan Vilma: Birk is mainly responsible for getting to Vilma. He'll probably double-team with the guard off the snap on running plays, but it will be his job to get to Vilma and seal him off. Birk still has good speed and quickness. He can get to the second level, but needs to hold his blocks a little longer. Vilma has great speed and quickness. He runs sideline to sideline well, and is physical. Edge: Even.

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