Ravens Q&A with Mike Preston

December 15, 2010|By Baltimore Sun reporter

Each week, Baltimore Sun columnist Mike Preston answers a selection of reader questions. This week, Preston discusses Cam Cameron's statement from last week in which he said the offense's issues from the Steelers' game would be fixed for the Texans' game, why the Ravens stall in the second half, whether Joe Flacco is developing as a quarterback and more.

MDLVRMuncher: "In 25-plus years, I have never seen that happen, and it showed up at the worst possible time it could have, and it's my job to catch that flaw. That flaw has been corrected. Next time you see a guy unblocked in that protection, it'll be where the quarterback's expecting it to be unblocked." Cam Cameron on 12/10/10. Explain how it happened again with 1:43 left in the second quarter on 12/13/10. Obviously he didn't come up with the right scheme or Michael Oher isn't listening.

Mike Preston: Man, I like your style. You jammed it right back at Cameron in his own words. I can't explain why they can't block a blitzing safety. Stupidity. Ignorance. I could see if it was physical and someone was getting beat. But the Ravens out and out don't send anyone to block him. I give up. I really try to see the logic in some things they do, but I can't answer that one. Well, not in public anyway cause the answer might get right nasty.

Doug: As I watch the Ravens offense get shutout in the second half, I think Hue Jackson is a missing ingredient in the 2010 Ravens' offense. Your thoughts?

Mike Preston: Hue had a great relationship with Joe Flacco, and was the liaison between Flacco and Cameron. Now, there isn't one. As for the offense, Hue had very little input on the offense here which is why he wanted to get out of Baltimore. But maybe the Ravens should have listened to Jackson more because he has done a good job in Oakland as the Raiders offensive coordinator. I think at times Flacco misses his partnership with Jackson, but it appears he is getting help from backup Marc Bulger.

Patrick Simple question. Ravens ball. Third and 2. Eight-point lead. Under 3 minutes left. Cam Cameron calls a PASS. Why????

Mike Preston: Simple answer: It was an indictment of the offensive line. They stunk up the field. The defense wasn't any better either. They couldn't stop the Texans. I don't have a problem with the pass play, I do question sending Anquan Boldin on a 2-yard route when the Texans' cornerbacks were some of the worst in the NFL.

Steve: After another poorly coached game, do you think that Cameron is on the hot seat?

Mike Preston: Oh, I will say there is a little flame under his butt right now. In all fairness, we should let this season play out and see how the Ravens finish. If the offense continues to falter, I think owner Steve Bisciotti and general manager Ozzie Newsome have to take a hard look at Cameron, and re-evaluate some things, and how they are done. They've invested first-round draft picks and big-money free agents in this offense for the 2010 season, and have gotten little back on the investment. Sure, the Ravens can feel good about being 9-4, but there aren't many people over at The Castle feeling good about this offense, or the performance of the defense Monday night.

Justin: Is Le'Ron McClain still hampered by injury or did Cam just choose not to use him very much on Monday Night? I feel like this is the guy you hand the ball to if you have a lead and the back which serves you best with offensive line issues, but after the team had a lead in the second half, I rarely saw him on the field.

Mike Preston: I thought McClain looked a little rusty, especially in some of his pass blocking. Ankle injuries are very common in the NFL, but some take longer to heal than others. I thought McClain would play, but I didn't expect him to carry a big workload against Houston. I think that will change Sunday against the Saints and we'll see more of McClain.

Brian: Mike do the Ravens make adjustments at half time? Why are they *so* bad -- on both sides of the ball -- after halftime? Are they being scouted out? Are they just old?

Mike Preston: Brian, I'll answer you question in a quick nutshell. Yes, they are scouted and most teams go back over four to six weeks of game film. Yes, they are tired and old, and it showed Monday night. Halftime adjustments? I'm sure they make some, but none that are noticeable, or make a major impact on the game. The one clear adjustment that we see is that once the Ravens get a nice lead, they like to gear down the offense, especially in the second half. And that my friend, usually starts in the third quarter, and that's way too early.

James: Given the fact that our linebackers are horrid in coverage, why must we continually suffer through Greg Mattison using them in coverage while only rushing linemen?

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