If not Obamacare, then what?

December 14, 2010

To all who oppose the president's effort to address the millions who do not have health insurance, what do you propose they do? Show up at hospitals across the nation and get care that you and I will pay for anyway? Or have a Medicare-for-all plan that at least would control costs.

People who have employers pay their premiums or a portion of them do not grasp the enormous amount it costs to fund health insurance or that the premiums will rise regardless. With a government option, it would have been at least controlled. To those that griped about the health care reform law being a tax, I say yes it is, just as Social Security is, but look at the recipients now, do they want to give it up? No! It works, and the few millionaires and billionaires who would love to abolish it are purely out for their own gain.

Bernard F McKernan, Parkville

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