Ideology, not demographics, responsible for weak Md. GOP

December 13, 2010

While demographics play an important role in assessing voting trends ("Party's future is bleak, thanks to demographics," Dec. 10), Ron Smith's assertion that Maryland is bluer because it is has large populations of African-Americans and federal workers is sheer fallacy. Were this the case, red states with large African-American populations such as Mississippi and Alabama, and Virginia with its equally large pool of federal employees, would be obvious areas of Democratic strength.

Perhaps to Mr. Smith's dismay, Maryland is solidly blue because of its adherence to progressive values. Indeed the few Maryland Republicans that have won statewide office such as Govs. Theodore McKeldin and Spiro Agnew, did so at the expense of more conservative candidates. Unless the GOP again offers candidates whose views are more consistent with those of most Marylanders, its political influence will remain insignificant.

Irwin Fried, Baltimore

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