Media roundup: What they're saying about Luke Scott's comments

  • Luke Scott told Yahoo Sports that he does not believe President Barack Obama was born in the United States and that he thinks the president "dodges questions" and is "hiding something."
Luke Scott told Yahoo Sports that he does not believe President… (Greg Fiume / Getty Photo )
December 09, 2010|By Baltimore Sun reporter

Here's a look at what other media are saying about Luke Scott's comments earlier this week about his belief that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States. The Orioles distanced themselves from Scott's remarks but stood by his right to speak his mind. Scott reiterated his right to free speech.

Craig Calcaterra of NBC's Hard Ball Talk takes Scott to task for his comments about Obama's birth certificate.

Obama's birth certificate] exists and it is valid and people who argue to the contrary are either idiots or liars or sheep or all three. So, Luke Scott: excellent hitter. Polite fellow in person. Complete nutjob.

Ryan Wilson of AOL's thinks athletes should keep their political views to themselves.

Yahoo posted a copy of Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate. Not sure if Scott realizes that Hawaii joined the Union, which might explain his confusion. Whatever, the point remains: there's a reason no one should ever ask athletes, celebrities or Sarah Palin about their politics views.

Bruce Arthur of Canada's National Post used the occasion of Scott's comments to criticize the media for its own, predictable criticism of public figures.

We ask question after question, and when somebody actually strides beyond the cliches and says something really honest -- maybe crazy and laughable, but honest -- we descend in a horde, disseminating every syllable, debating the controversy like seagulls swarming a dead fish on the beach. It's the business.

Fox News posted a photo of Scott under the headline "Major League Birther," with a caption that explained what Scott said. The comments on the photo totaled 95. Here's a sampling of them:

The guy plays baseball... but he is entitled to his opinion. Yea... I'd like to see the birth certificate too but I have to let it go... But he is right... Obo "does not represent America."

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