Obama plays Charlie Brown to Republicans' Lucy

December 09, 2010

Dan Rodricks' column "More rotten tomatoes for American workers" (Dec. 9) made a very important point. The fairy tale of trickle down economics is a cruel hoax that impoverishes most Americans while exacerbating the ever-increasing income disparity that afflicts our country. Candidate Barack Obama proclaimed that the Bush tax cuts "offend" his "conscience." President Obama fails to point out the obvious, that President Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy produced the worst job creation record of any president since Truman.

For the president to fail to use the power of the bully pulpit to make this irrefutable point is tragic. Worse yet, it will have been on his watch that this cruel fairy tale gets perpetuated.

President Obama continues to play Charlie Brown to the Republicans' Lucy, forgetting the smiles on their faces when they, yet again, pull out the football at the last moment.

Tim Eastman, Baltimore

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