Sun reinforces stereotypes about Islam

December 09, 2010

In response to the article "Arrest made in bombing plot" (Dec. 9) I must say I was surprised, almost offended, by the author's portrayal of Islam. Throughout the article, the conversion to Islam by the suspect in the attempt to bomb a Catonsville military recruiting station was portrayed as bizarre, as if Islam was less a religion and more of a cult. This sort of rhetoric is only fanning the flames of Islamophobia that are burning our country.

I, too, am a young convert to Islam, and I'm sure those who know me would describe my shift as nothing close to bizarre. The majority of Muslims both in this country and around the world continue to say time and again that Islam is a religion of peace, and it very much is. However, just as with any belief system (Christianity included), there are a minority of extreme Muslims who have violent beliefs. These people are exactly that though, an extreme minority. The media today only seems to want to focus on this minority, spreading myths about the religion.

There is nothing "bizarre" about Islam, and we need to stop promoting the idea that Muslims don't deserve the rights guaranteed to them by the U.S. Constitution.

Ben Anderson, Timonium

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