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Your guide to bar-hopping via the Charm City Circulator

  • Nighttime riders of the Circulator Purple Line bus, head south on Light Street toward Federal Hill.
Nighttime riders of the Circulator Purple Line bus, head south… (Amy Davis, Baltimore Sun )
December 09, 2010

The Charm City Circulator drives by a ton of bars, almost too many to list almost. But here's a barcrawler-tested and -approved guide to a night of drinking using only the city's free bus service. The Orange Route guide was partly put to the test in January by a group of Baltimore residents who dubbed their sprawling crawl the "sparkulator."

Stop 218: Pratt & Eutaw Streets

Frank & Nic's West End Grille, 511 W. Pratt St.

Sliders Bar & Grill, 504 Washington Blvd.

Pickle's Pub. 520 Washington Blvd.

Stop 220: Pratt & Calvert streets

Tir Na Nog Bar & Grill, 201 E. Pratt St.

Stop 223: Harbor East Circle

James Joyce Irish Pub and Restaurant, 616 President St.

Taco Fiesta, 618 Exeter St.

Stop 225: Central Avenue & Bank Street

Mustang Alley's, 1300 Bank St.

Stop 201: Lombard & President Streets

Power Plant Live, 328 N. Charles St., including bars, Luckies, Mex, Mosaic, Rock Bar.

Use the Purple Route to go between Mount Vernon and South Baltimore and check these bars:

Stop 305: Pleasant & Charles Streets

Mick O'Shea's, 328 N. Charles St.

Maisey's, 313 N. Charles St.

Stop 309: Biddle & Charles streets

Brewer's Art, 1106 N. Charles St.

Club Phoenix, 1 W. Biddle St.

Stop 310: Lyric/Pennsylvania Station

Turp's, 1317 N. Charles St.

Mt. Royal Tavern, 1204 W Mount Royal Ave.

Stop 323: Cross Street Market

Nevin's Cross Street Station, 31-33 E. Cross St.

The Hill, 1017 S. Charles St

Metropolitan, 902 S. Charles St.

Stop 303: Light Street

Water Street Tavern, 102 Water St

Peter's Pour House, 111 Mercer St.

—Erik Maza

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