Why the outrage over Shomrim, not 200 murders?

December 06, 2010

So let me understand the logic of this farce. On the front page of Saturday's Baltimore Sun, you reported, as part of an ongoing series of similar stories, the shooting of two people and a stabbing. The total of people now murdered in Baltimore has reached 200 this year. No outrage from any part of the community, black or white, was reported. No acts demanding the disbanding of any organization were issued.

Fast forward to the editorial in the Sunday edition of The Sun ("Tension in Park Heights" discussing an altercation between a black teenager and a member of the Shomrim group who help protect and defend the community from ongoing attacks, assaults and other criminal mayhem directed toward innocent citizens in this area, and this provokes a barrage of verbal assaults from both the black and Jewish community leaders that reflect the total disproportionate response to the following reality, which is this: the black teenager making the charges has a criminal record, and the white Jewish man who has been charged in the case has a clean record of absolutely no previous convictions.

And yet, the so called victim has been given the green light of credibility over the white "defendant." Has justice been turned upside down to an acrobatic stance that demeans the very process which is meant to be color-blind and rise to the highest levels of integrity and respectability?

Meanwhile we shall continue to bear the continuing terror of attacks and killings within the communities in which we live to a chorus of silence while another possible altercation between yet another criminal member of the community clashes with a protector of the community and once again be subjected to even louder cries of "foul-play."

Rabbi Chaim Landau, Baltimore

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