Shomrim does a lot of good

December 03, 2010

While I am not privy to all the details of an alleged assault by a member of Shomrim on a black teenager in the Northwest area ("Member of Jewish patrol group accused of striking teen in city," Dec. 2), I must say that this group, as well as the Northwest Citizens Patrol, are a plus in dealing with crime in the Fallstaff/Park Heights area.

Several years ago I was held up by gunpoint and carjacked in front of my apartment, and recently there have been numerous daytime muggings and anti-Semitic attacks in the neighborhood around Fallstaff. Because of these criminal occurrences, I recently attended a meeting with representatives from the Northwest Police Department in conjunction with members from Shomrim to address the crime situation. While no one should act outside of the law, I think these groups provide a needed service to the community by working with and assisting the police department to report and combat crime.

I hope all those involved can come to a meeting of the minds for a better and safer neighborhood for all!

Laraine Fisher, Baltimore

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