A good start from Kamenetz

December 03, 2010

I am writing in response to the story "Kamenetz seeks to merge county departments, cut staff" (Dec. 1). When I first saw the headline about job cuts, I thought, this just what we need in today's economy, more job cuts. I was glad to see his plan offered an alternative that would not leave more Marylanders unemployed. I like the fact that the job cuts would be structured to actually save taxpayer money. Saving taxpayer money is something I feel all Marylanders can get behind.

Mr. Kamenetz's cutting of the vacant jobs will help to fill in the gaps in today's bureaucracy, and by consolidating open positions into other branches of the county government it will reduce needless spending on vacant offices. Cutting these vacant jobs will help to deal with budget cuts that will be proposed at the state level next year.

Not filling positions is just what any corporation would do, and the government should do the same. Mr. Kamenetz's plan proposes $8 million in savings from the job cuts, and however minimal, it is still a positive boost in today's economy. This is a good start by Mr. Kamenetz and brings Maryland back a more responsible government.

Greg Bennett, Towson

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