Black leaders' ire is misplaced

December 03, 2010

The calls by "black community and civil rights leaders" for the disbanding of the Shomrim neighborhood patrol after the incident in which a black teenager was roughed up seem a little overwrought, especially the remark by Rev. Cortly Witherspoon that "this kind of activity has caused riots in other parts of the country" and the statement made by the former head of the NAACP that the "African-American community is very concerned about what happened." ("Black leaders call for Jewish patrol group to be disbanded after alleged assault," Dec. 3)

In the same issue of The Sun, there appeared a story ("City police identify 15-year-old homicide victim") in which the 10th juvenile killed in Baltimore this year was identified. It said that the police knew of no motive and neither did they have any suspects.

Perhaps the "community and civil rights leaders" ought to save their rhetorical fire for the killers of the 10 juveniles in Baltimore this year.

John Hamlin, Annapolis

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