Murphy's ideas are why the GOP won't win in Md.

December 02, 2010

The Baltimore Sun had an interesting commentary by former gubernatorial candidate Brian Murphy on Monday, which only proved that Republicans are more out of touch than ever with the citizens of Maryland ("The Maryland GOP can win," Nov. 29). The Maryland GOP cannot and will not ever win this beautiful blue state because the will of the people is for many things, and giving up unions and pensions is not one of them!

The people of Maryland want things like the Free Choice Employment Act and also the Right to Work Act passed. Marylanders are simply tired of policies that strip down and destroy good paying jobs just because a big corporation wants more profits so that their CEOs and boards of directors can reap millions in bonuses and compensation while avoiding taxes. Marylanders are tired of the increasing gap between the rich and poor that leaves workers in this proud blue collar state further and further behind. Marylanders want change that will simply spread the wealth.

But the Republicans only cater to those who can pour huge amounts into their campaign war chests; not really caring about those who earn under $60,000, Republicans also spread fear among voters. But Marylanders don't fall for this game like the rest of the nation does; instead, Maryland voters want compassion and fairness in the tax laws and believe that those who earn more must pay their fair share to balance the books.

There is no human compassion in the GOP base, as they only serve the rich and powerful and not the true citizens of the nation as a whole. Marylanders cannot afford to have a GOP takeover here as it would wipe out everything Marylanders believe in!

We need to look no further than all the battling in Washington, where the GOP wants to preserve the Bush tax cuts for those earning over $250,000 a year, as well as the GOP threats to tear apart the national health care plan. If they can do this in Washington, just think how much damage the GOP would do to Maryland! If the GOP really wants to connect with the voters, then pass the Free Choice Employment Act and also the Right to Work laws. Improve the national health care laws and understand the pain of the lower classes as they struggle to earn a decent living in life. Until these laws and actions are passed, the GOP will never be a winner in this proud blue state of Maryland!

Ken J. Bower, Edgewood

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