Tulowitzki inks deal to 2020

December 01, 2010

Troy Tulowitzki and the Rockies agreed Tuesday to a new contract that pays an additional $132 million over seven seasons through 2020, a deal that means Colorado has guaranteed the All-Star shortstop $157.75 million in the next decade.

Tulowitzki had been guaranteed $25.75 million through 2013 under the $31 million, six-year deal he signed in January 2008.

Tulowitzki said he wanted to be like his idols: Cal Ripken Jr. and Derek Jeter, two shortstops who have only worn one major league cap.

"I want to follow in those footsteps. I hope that Derek stays in New York because I really look up to him, and I think he knows that's special," Tulowitzki said. "I kind of wanted to do that same thing, to give fans around here someone they could fall in love with and … get to watch for his entire career. That's special."

Under the new deal, he receives $16 million in 2014, $20 million in each of the following five seasons and $14 million in 2020. Colorado gets a $14 million option for 2021 with a $4 million buyout.

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