For the sake of the horses, let racing die

December 01, 2010

I attended the Preakness many times when I was younger, but I won't mourn the death of Maryland horse racing one bit now that I realized how inhumane horse racing is ("Preakness at risk," Nov. 30). People often accuse Orioles players of steroid use, and sometimes rightfully so, but racetracks are virtual crack houses compared to baseball fields. Horses are given drugs, both legal and illegal, to mask pain and injuries and make them run faster. Many horses are forced to race on hard surfaces and suffer from chronic foot problems as a result.

Remember Big Brown? The horses are whipped mercilessly and pushed beyond their limits until they collapse on the track. Remember Barbaro and Eight Belles? Horses who can no longer race, especially those who aren't well known, are quietly shipped to slaughter. And we're supposed to cheer for this and fight to keep it going?

Katie Moore, Baltimore

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