Federal workers can afford the hit

November 30, 2010

Thank God for Social Security employee Lindsey Branch who said she would "just tighten a little more" when learning of the federal wage freeze ("200,000 in Md. face U.S. pay freeze," Nov. 30). Compare this to whiner John Gage, who heads the largest federal employee union, stating that the freeze treats federal workers as "sacrificial lambs."

He should check out page one of the Maryland Business section of Tuesday's Baltimore Sun. Jobless benefits ended Tuesday for those still without jobs but needing to care for their families.

I am a retiree dependent on Social Security have had no increases in two years, yet my prescription plan has increased 150 percent in just four years, and my Medigap insurance Plan F has risen to $3868.56 per year. And with one expensive prescription added in 2010, I hit the doughnut hole in June, after which I had to pay for all prescriptions for the rest of the year as well as paying my monthly prescription plan premium! Seems unfair, especially since they count what I pay out of pocket as part of the total leading to the cutoff!

For those who complain about the burden of Social Security, perhaps the government should be mandated — as are some private companies — to keep its hands off Social Security monies except for Social Security benefits. Maybe then our representatives would get real about a budget and stop wasting millions on items like a potential tourist park in Afghanistan!

Myra B. Welsh, Cockeysville

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