Which QB would you want: Brady, Manning or Vick?

November 24, 2010

You can trust in Brady

Dom Amore

Hartford Courant

As has been the case for much of its history, the NFL is short on greatness at the quarterback position. The list of field generals who truly combine all the skills, including intangibles, is short.

For me, Tom Brady still resides at the top. One big game, who else would you want? Who else would you trust?

Sunday was the latest in a long list of examples in which Brady, when relatively healthy, will bring his "A" game and avoid the mistakes that loom large when everyone is tuned in. Peyton Manning, sensational as he is, can still be haunted by the crushing interception. Michael Vick, talented as he is, can still be defensed. Keep him in the pocket.

Brady has the most complete package — talent, smarts, poise and that certain something that can't be defined or quantified. You can't go wrong with Vick or Manning, but for one game, your best chance is still Tom Brady.


Brady avoids mistakes

Steve Svekis

Sun Sentinel

Brady over Manning. The three-time Super Bowl champion gets the edge because he simply doesn't make mistakes in the crucial moments in the biggest spots, with Manning's clinching pick-six against the Saints in Super Bowl XLIV and his ill-advised pass Sunday in Foxboro while in tying field goal range are two glaring recent examples.

As much success as Brady had early in his career, he is a better quarterback now than he was then, with 97 touchdown passes against only 25 interceptions since 2007. Before then, Brady had never had a better than 2-1 TD-INT ratio in a season.

Vick? He's exciting as can be, but eventually a big part of his game, his legs, will be taken from him by this savage sport. Further, Vick hasn't even led a team to a Super Bowl, much less won one.


Tom's terrific, a winner

Sam Farmer

Los Angeles Times

As well as Michael Vick has played this season, this question boils down to Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady. Vick needs to prove he can sustain this phenomenal level of play.

Manning is the only four-time MVP, and has shown he can win with all sorts of combinations of no-name receivers. Still, I'd take Brady, who has three rings to Manning's one. Brady's got the best winning percentage by a quarterback in the modern era, the best overtime record in history, and is one of four players to win more than one Super Bowl MVP awards.

ColdHardFootballFacts.com has done exhaustive and convincing statistical breakdowns of Brady vs. Manning and concludes: "No quarterback in modern football history has crafted a career that includes a more impressive combination of stunning postseason performances, team accomplishments and eye-popping stats than Brady." No argument here.


Manning's the man

Dan Pompei

Chicago Tribune

Is all of the above an acceptable answer? You could not go wrong with any of the three.

The temptation certainly is strong to say Michael Vick, given what he has accomplished in recent weeks. Vick is the most physically gifted of the group. Maybe of any group. Really, he's more than a quarterback with his ability to run. But he has not stood the test of time and been a proven winner as Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have.

Brady has three rings, and he just outdid Manning on Sunday. So the temptation also is strong to place him ahead of Manning, who threw an ugly interception with the Colts-Patriots game on the line. But Manning still is the best quarterback in the game today, and one of the best quarterbacks ever. He gets the nod.


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