Baltimore Co. teacher gets marriage proposal on school sign

Boyfriend put 'Ms. Halterman will you marry me?' on Hillcrest Elementary sign

  • Hillcrest Elementary School third-grade teacher Jennifer Halterman's boyfriend proposed to her with some help from the PTA.
Hillcrest Elementary School third-grade teacher Jennifer… (Jeffrey F. Bill, Baltimore…)
November 23, 2010|By Liz Bowie, The Baltimore Sun

Hillcrest Elementary's third-grade teacher, Jennifer Halterman, was driving to work Thursday when her boyfriend text-messaged her to say he thought someone might have vandalized the sign in front of her school and she should take a careful look.

As she idled at the stoplight, she glanced over and saw that the sign had indeed been altered by a mischievous soul. "Ms. Halterman will you marry me?" it read.

Just where was that boyfriend of hers, she thought. He wasn't in the parking lot or at the entrance to the school. "I was freaking out," she said. At 8 a.m., none of the children were there yet, so she walked down the empty halls to her classroom, where balloons and a dozen red long-stem roses stood in a vase. But there was still no sign of her boyfriend, Wesley Peters, until he emerged from behind the closet door, got down on his knee and proposed.

"I said, 'Yes,'" Halterman said.

This wasn't the first time they had discussed the idea. In fact, most of the details of the wedding have already been decided. "We are doing the whole Elvis chapel thing," she said. In December, the couple and 30 of their relatives and friends will be flying to Las Vegas for their wedding.

Not wanting to have a yearlong engagement and a big wedding, Halterman, 28, said she and her fiance, 29, decided to have a simple affair.

The logistics of the proposal may have been more exhausting than the wedding plans.

Peters had to contact the principal and the PTA president to get permission to change the sign at Hillcrest, which also happens to be the school Halterman attended as a first-grader. Everyone in the building was in on the scheme. But last Wednesday when all the details were in place, including the balloons and flowers, Halterman called in sick, so it had to be redone for the next day.

When the children did arrive at school that morning, they were very excited, Halterman said. "The girls ooohed and ahhhed over the ring," and others were confused about when they could begin calling her Mrs. Peters, she said.

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