'Dancing with the Stars' is dead to me

November 22, 2010

Jean Marbella's column about "Dancing with the Stars" is right on ("Politics invades 'Dancing with the Stars'" Nov. 21). I watch DWTS for it's entertainment value, and I know that's all I'm going to get out of it. And yes, it's cheesy, and yes, they do occasionally find a diamond in the rough.

And yes, I get upset when my favorite doesn't win.

What is happening this season may be the demise of DWTS; I hear a lot of people saying this is the last year they will be watching. Personally I changed the channel before the show went off last week; I was too disgusted to watch the last 10 minutes. I will never watch this show again.

The voting sham may not be Bristol Palin's fault. but you can't deny her mother's public involvement in asking people to vote for her.

Bobbi Casparriello, Baltimore

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