Mike Preston's matchups: Ravens vs. Panthers

November 19, 2010

Ravens OC Matt Birk vs. Panthers MLB Jon Beason

Beason is athletic and active. He is a very good tackler, and has 69 on the season. Birk has been very steady this season, and his speed and quickness allows him to make blocks in the second level. If Birk can control Beason, then the Ravens will be able to run on the Panthers all game. If not, the Ravens will have to attack the perimeter. Edge: Even.

Ravens OLB Terrell Suggs vs. Panthers LT Jordan Gross

Gross is one of the Panthers' top stars. He is athletic and very technical, but he'll need to improve his quickness to handle Suggs. Suggs has had a good season, and has played extremely well the past two games. He dominated the Falcons last Thursday. Suggs has always had great speed, but now he is playing with a strong motor. He is relentless in pursuing the quarterback. Edge: Suggs.

Ravens CB Josh Wilson vs. Panthers receiver Steve Smith

Smith leads the team in receptions with 30 for 365 yards and two touchdowns. By his own standards, Smith is having an off year, but has the speed to get deep. He is undersized, but explosive and temperamental. Wilson is deceivingly strong, even though he didn't show it last week. Wilson is better than he looked against the Falcons, and he'll try to get redemption Sunday against Carolina. Edge: Smith.

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