Harris' question had nothing to do with health care reform

November 18, 2010

In what can only be described as an amateurish, journalistic hatchet job, The Sun managed to insult the intelligence of any fact discerning reader, regardless of political affiliation, in its Nov. 17 article "Rep.-elect Harris in Health care mini-flap by Paul West. I had to read the article three times in an attempt to separate the few cogent facts in the article from the many conjectures, opinions and incoherent leaps of logic.

Unfortunately, the article was a weak attempt at an editorial slam that took Rep.-elect Harris' comments and legitimate questions and forced a non-existent attachment to the national health care debate. That is exactly the kind of agenda-laden drivel that belongs on the editorial pages and certainly not the front page of a major newspaper — even a high school paper.

Adding insult to the already injured reader of the article were the comments from the Rep. Frank Kratovil aide that sounded like the disconnected rationality of a frustrated teenager. Mr. Kratovil's former constituents must now be convinced they made the right choice.

The amateurish hatchet job attempted in the Nov. 17 article reminded me, and was carried out with the same grace, intelligence, and class, as Tonya Harding and Co.'s comical attempt to knock Nancy Kerrigan out of the Olympics several years ago. That event did not end well for Tonya Harding. Sadly, The Sun's attempt was equally comedic.

Jack Hanlon, Catonsville

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