GOP right to target earmarks

November 18, 2010

I agree with the article in "GOP rallies against earmarks" (Nov. 17), and I urge the Maryland delegation in Washington to get behind this effort.

I have always thought that if you had a favored project that was a good and important project, it should be presented on it's own, and in the light of day, for the other members to vote on. I don't understand how anyone can defend the earmark practice. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said "I am not going, personally, to back off of bringing stuff back to Neveda." I don't recall hearing anything about not bringing "stuff" back to your state, but it would be nice if "stuff" was presented for everyone to vote on on it's own, not buried in other bills that you know are going to be passed but you don't have to explain the need for the project to anyone. Except much later when you are running for re-election and get to brag about all of the "stuff" you brought back to your state.

Show some backbone and moral righteousness by voting to ban this disingenuous practice.

David Gosey, Towson

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