Spector is totally committed to the 5th District

November 09, 2010

As a resident of the 5th Councilmanic District and someone who has been involved in the political world for at least 30 years, I am appalled at The Baltimore Sun article by Julie Scharper entitled "A moldy situation at harbor condos" (Nov. 8). I totally agree with Joseph Krome's letter that this was "incoherent dribble" and had nothing to do with mold at Harborview but was a character assassination of Councilwoman Rikki Spector who is not only one of the most dedicated elected officials to represent the 5th District but also is totally committed to the entire City of Baltimore.

It is a shame that Ms. Scharper had to see fit to include personal information regarding Ms. Spector's boyfriend and his family in this shameful article. Who cares where he lives? Ms. Spector owns a residence in the 5th Councilmanic District. Does Ms. Scharper feel that because a person serves in an elected capacity she has no right to privacy? The reporter went well beyond the limit since this had nothing to do with the supposed "mold situation."

Ms. Spector is totally committed to her constituents which is shown by the overwhelming support she receives election after election. I know this next election will be no different and she will be returned to office once again with an overwhelming margin to continue representing the 5th Councilmanic District.

I believe that Ms. Sharper and The Baltimore Sun owe Ms. Spector and the Brilliant family an apology for their action, which had no relevance to the story. In fact I can find no conceivable reason why this article ever made it to The Baltimore Sun, let alone the front page. It is because of so called "reporting" that there has been a steady decline in readership. Keep up this excellent reporting and there will soon be no readership at all.

Susan Simon, Baltimore

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