What have 'progressives' done for Baltimore?

November 09, 2010

In response to the op-ed by the leaders of Progressive Maryland ("A progressive agenda for Maryland," Nov. 8) I just want to know where the outrage is for the 200-plus murders every year, the crumbling schools, the 50 percent unemployment rate for young African-Americans and the total break-down of the family that has been going on for too long in Baltimore city? Why is this not a national crisis and why is this never addressed by progressives?

The city has been controlled by Democrats for well over 50 years. Is this not also an example of what the advanced "progressive" experiment has created?

The authors say Marylanders should be proud for electing Democrats. Quite frankly, it embarrasses me and more importantly, makes me very sad at what we have created and continue to ignore.

Mike Sneeringer Jr., Baltimore

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