Mark Heisler's NBA power rankings

November 08, 2010

Records through Friday

1. Lakers (6-0): Enjoy it while it lasts: Making 45 percent of their 3s.

2. Hornets (5-0): Can't last, but another amazing overachievement for CP3's team.

3. Heat (4-2): Good thing rest of them rebound: Bosh averaging 5.0.

4. Celtics (5-1): New franchise player: Rondo averaging unreal 16.4 assists.

5. Magic (3-1): Basic Howard start: 23 points, 12.3 rebounds, 3.3 blocks.

6. Hawks (6-0): Larry Drew perfect, even if only playoff opponent was Cavs.

7. Spurs (3-1): Richard Jefferson, lost last season, averaging 20 in this one.

8. Mavericks (3-1): Most underrated coach? Carlisle has them holding teams to 39.8 percent.

9. Trail Blazers (4-2): A 4-1 start on road is great. Losing home opener to Thunder isn't.

10. Thunder (3-2): Jake, fantasy owner on TV, hospitalized as Durant shoots 37 percent.

11. Nuggets (3-2): Melo's deal couldn't be distracting him or them, could it?

12. Grizzlies (2-4): Gay hits FT he tried to miss, costing win in Phoenix.

13. Jazz (2-3): Pulse found after 0-2 start as Milsap averages 19, Jefferson 18.

14. Knicks (3-2): A star is born? Toney Douglas leads new cast of launchers.

15. Warriors (4-1): All is forgiven and then some: Ellis averages 29, shoots 52 percent.

16. Kings (3-2): Cousins, watching most of game in foul trouble anyway, benched.

17. Bucks (2-4): In bench role he belongs in, Maggette averages 14 in 21 minutes.

18. Bulls (2-3): Not yet Thibodeau's Celtics defense, giving up 105 ppg.

19. Suns (2-3): Owner extends Jared Dudley — in latest denial this is over.

20. Nets (2-3): Devin Harris, I presume? Mailed in last season, just unretired.

21. Cavaliers (2-3): Gilbert standing by his idiotic letter shows who real rockhead is.

22. Pacers (2-3): T.J. Ford let out of doghouse to finish games Collison starts.

23. Wizards (1-3): Wall two turnovers, one steal from quadruple-double in home debut.

24. Clippers (1-5): Bad sign for Baron if effort spikes when he leaves.

25. Bobcats (1-4): MJ wants to extend Brown — but says Larry isn't ready to talk yet.

26. Raptors (1-4): One guy who misses Bosh: Bargnani has 18 rebounds in first four games.

27. Rockets (0-4): Played faster last season, mixed up with Yao back.

28. Timberwolves (1-5): Need Florida recount: Lost by 32 in Miami, 42 in Orlando.

29. Pistons (1-5): If sale to Ilitch goes through, Dumars may be out too.

30. 76ers (1-5): Look for Collins to move upstairs so he can trade them all.

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